The body of Nomad9/C1 functions as a collective of rivers, a Confluence. We each bring our own diverse experiences with water to this toolkit. Much like our veins feed our systems within, we bridge them through abundantly sharing resources. Our stories multiply and flow, carrying us.

As artists, we hold a commitment to action and effect, versus representation. These are the actions we see as necessary:

-To document the river;
-To design an action around what we discover;
-To implement the action;
-To re-situate digital mechanical technology away from consumptive entertainment and as a tool for regenerative culture;
-To draw on innate abilities and desires to remediate and maintain ecosystems through love, care, and listening;
-To complicate and reconsider readings of the river;
-To resist illusions of human mastery and control and share that with the community;
-To connect people to ecosystems, and dismantle the idea that people are disconnected from nature;
-To respond and acknowledge ephemeral, impermanent, trans-mutating time cycles;

We are committed to experiential understanding and knowledge building. Creating and distributing knowledge through exchanges based on listening, reciprocity, creative response, and our bodies become a source of knowledge. These actions function outside of our individual bodies, and on a collaborative, multigenerational scale.

The writing in this toolkit will occur in four groupings:

  • Content/Matter
  • Time Spans
  • Experiential
  • Actions

Please contribute. It won’t be complete without you.

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