Foraging Recipes

I would like our group to consider co-creating a participatory recipe collection for preparing foraged foods. It could be realized by developing one or more workshops and building a collective wiki/blog that we could all contribute recipes to and edit.

For the workshops-

The first workshop is about foraging wild plants along the Park River. For this part, we can partner with local environmental and botanical organizations and community networks to write our foundation material. This could serve as a means to draw attention to the river and its riparian ecosystem. Would it alter the community’s relationship with the river?

The next workshop I would like our group to consider would be an experimental recipe workshop for preparing foraged foods. In this workshop, using our plant archive from the first workshop, we would record our work in the collective wiki/blog. The recipes we develop would then be archived in the wiki/blog, and later edited for publication as a recipe book.

A Simulations of the Proposed blog/ wiki-


Home page, project title on the top. Underneath are the links to the plants, it will grow and develop as our project is implemented.

collective photo and mapping album part2.jpgA sample page,  Yellow Woodsorrel.  It is open for participants to add their own photos, how they refer to this plant locally, as well as the location(s) where they found it along the river. It is a collective wiki format archive. The purpose is to collect multiple narratives, and personal perspectives about both the plant and the river. It also serves as a means to stimulate people to think of the river, and to relate their lives to the river, and while considering the riparian habitat.


In the second part of the page would be the description, flavour and links to our recipes. These would also be editable by viewers.



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