In part 1, we have touched upon the topic of re-framing our relationship to the “invasive” plant, or the “weed”. We can play a more active role in facilitating a balanced system by learning how to identify these plants, as well as understanding their medicinal and nutritional values.

A cohort member’s Nephew was generous enough to walk me around the town of Killingly to help me identify which plants he and the community have foraged. Not all are considered “foreign” species, however there is a benefit for the Park River Ecosystem if these plants are paid more attention and dealt with properly. Below is a list (not even close to comprehensive to give you an idea of how abundant our plant world is) of what can be found near the Park River, with an accompanying link that can elaborate upon each plant’s uses.

(The study of herbs is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires long and critical study, as well as anecdotal evidence to support the sadly lacking scientific research. Because of this, it requires strength, bravery, and passion to pursue. These links do not serve as the ultimate truth of these plants, but rather as ways to incite curiosity and to encourage further exploration. Nomad 9’s partnership with the Park River Ecosystem plans on further developing and bridging the education of the natural river landscape with its local community in the year to come.)


  1. Spearmint
  2. Mallow
  3. Day Lily
  4. Pokeweed
  5. Nettles
  6. Wood/Sheep Sorrel
  7. Yarrow
  8. Thistle
  9. Autumn Olive
  10. Milkweed
  11. Mugwort
  12. Grape Leaf
  13. Raspberry Leaf
  14. Kudzu
  15. Henbit
  16. Wild/False Peanut
  17. Mullein
  18. Dandelion
  19. Plantain

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